Null_Pointer Now Available Anywhere

It looks like Null_Pointer has started to turn up online in all the usual markets.  You can now purchase the trade paperback at Amazon, Barnes and, BetterWorldBooks and  You should also be able to order the book now from your local independent book seller.  If you have an indie book store near you, I recommend that you use it.

The past week or so has been very good for Null_Pointer online.  It has landed in the top 30 listings for both Scribd and Yudu, where you can read the entire novel for free.  It was most recently featured in the Yudu blog – Curl Up With a Good Techno Thriller.

The success on Scribd can only be described as viral.  It was placed on their Featured List last Monday and nearly doubled the views from 4000 to 8000 in a few days.  It’s had over 600 downloads in that time, which in my view, is the real measure of a document’s success.  My followers or Subscribers on Scribd have gone from 8 to over 2,500 during the same week.  This is largely due to being on the Featured List where I now get added to every new member of Scribd.

Similar success has happened to Null_Pointer on  It has gone from 35th most viewed document to 25th in just one day!  Enough to garner the above review in their blog.  If you search under the Books category at Yudu, Null_Pointer is currently the number 2 most popular item. Pretty cool.

“If you are interested in a quick read that will leave your blood pumping, check out Null_Pointer by Ken McConnell.” Brian – Blog

Null_Pointer on Kindle, Smashwords and at Lulu

Hitting the market first in digital formats, Null_Pointer is selling digitally before being offered in paperback.  You can now read the first book in this new mystery series about a programmer sleuth named Joshua Jones on the Kindle and in various formats on Smashwords.

NP_FINAL_COVER_MED The paperback version is due some time in September, but you can read it right now for nearly half off the paperback price.  Can’t spare the $6.39 price for the digital version?  That’s OK too, you can read the entire novel for FREE, yes that’s zero dollars, on Scribd.  If you like the book, please tell your friends and blog about it, Twitter about it, and Facebook about it.

What’s that?  You say you are a book person and would rather wait for the paperback version?  Well, wait no longer.  Get a jump on the regular markets and head on over to to purchase the paperback for $12.96.  Be the first in your cube row to own the first book in the only new mystery about coders and Geeks.

Are you a programmer?  Do you actually know what the title refers to? Do you know someone who loves mysteries but doesn’t have a clue about programming?  If so you may already be or know someone who would love this book.  Get it today and make the Geek in your life a very happy Geek.

“Null Pointer is an excellent blending of computer technology, programmer knowledge and the traditional mystery.” – Angela Abderhalden, author of Questionable Ethics

“McConnell’s novel is filled with lots of technical details that geeks will love, but he makes nearly all of it clear to technophobes.” – Kathy McIntosh, Well Placed Words

Available right now from Smashwords, and on the Amazon Kindle.

Get yours today!

NP Having Success on Scribd

My new Mystery novel, Null_Pointer, is doing very well this week on Scribd.  For the past six days the document has been garnering over 100 views and spiking to as much as 300 views on two of those days.  Not too shabby.  It was featured on the main Scribd page last week and this week that is apparently paying off.  I will note that the downloads have not been nearly as plentiful but are still approaching 500.  On the good side, every day I get at least two thumbs up reviews by those who have visited the page.

If you have sampled the free version of Null_Pointer and want an actual paperback version, that should be available in August.  I’ll have a “for sale” date in the next few weeks.  In the mean time, download it from Scribd and pass it around to your friends.  Go ahead, it’s free!


There is a new blog post over on about the bookmarks for my my new Mystery book, Null_Pointer.  You can see the latest version of the bookmark and add your comments on it.

Bookmarks are a common bit of swag for new authors and especially for small press authors.  We use them like business cards, passing them out to anyone who we mention our books to.  I also make a point to put a bookmark in every book I sign at signings and all stock that I sign in bookstores.

Are there any other kinds of promotional swag that people have found useful?  I have done t-shirts in the past, but few buy them.

Null_Pointer Final Cover

We had some last minute changes and suggestions for the cover this week.   But in the end, we decided to go with the same design and just change the subtitle.  It was Null_Pointer  A Novel, now it’s Null_Pointer  A Joshua Jones Mystery.  This was done because when the book stood alone, you could not tell what genre it was.  It looked techy and even sci-fi-ish, but it did not look like a crime novel or Mystery.

My options were to either put Mystery in the subtitle, or put blood on the cover.  The design did not favor blood on the cover.  Yes, bright red blood would have popped and drawn your attention to it, but it looked kinda silly.  In fact it looked like a code ball had fallen on someone and that suggested content that did not exist.

Yes there is bloodshed in the book, but the preferred method for killing by the bad guy was with computer code, not a gun or knife.  So to maintain the dignity of the book and the original meaning of the cover, I changed the subtitle instead of adding blood.

This decision is a critical one and it could cost me sales at the bookstore or on the web.  But I had to remain true to the book and the audience I wrote it for.  I did not write NP for traditional Mystery fans.  I wrote it to lure Geeks into the Mystery genre.  Geeks love their Science Fiction, but they typically don’t read crime fiction.

NP features a programmer as the amateur sleuth, instead of an old lady or whatever.  It has a _lot_ of computer related technical information in it. The average reader will not be slowed down by these details, but they are in there to gain the respect of actual programmers and computer Geeks.  Trust me, every programmer who has read the book has loved it and “gotten” all the geeky things in the story.

So begins the grand experiment.  Will traditional Mystery genre fans read a book about a programmer sleuth and will Geeks be lured into the Mystery genre to read the same book?  We shall see.

I ordered the final proof copy today and expect to have it next week.  If it passes muster, I will approve it for sale and hopefully, by the end of the month you will finally be able to purchase a copy or two, for yourself.

NP Blood Cover

The blood concept, done in ink and colored pencil.  Below, the final wrap around cover.

The Final Cover
(click photo to enlarge)

ISBN Secured

I now have the ISBN and bar code for Null_Pointer.  Hopefully some time this week I will have the first proof copy to scrutinize.  After June 5th, I will be sending the final cover blurbs to my brother for arranging and the following Monday, I will order the final proof.  Going to pay for the extra-fast shipping on that one so that I can get the ball rolling on selling the book in mid-June.

Looking forward to making it available and getting it out there for readers to discover.

In other news, Starstrikers is pending consideration at The LL Book Review.  Hope they like it, going to send them Null_Pointer next.

ISBN and Proof Ordered

I took the plunge with Lulu last night and purchased their Owned by You package for my ISBN.  Null_Pointer should have its own ISBN some time late next week, accounting for the holiday.  I should also have my first proof copy of NP at that same time.  This one is critical, because we will know if we screwed up on the sizing of the interior and exterior pdfs.

NP is out with several reviewers and I’m patiently waiting for word whether they liked the novel or not.  Hopefully some of them will and I can add their praise to the back cover of the book.  If not, it will go out with only one blurb, but it’s  good one nevertheless.

Null_Pointer Website

I have created a social media web site for each of my books thus far published, and, respectively.  With the impending release of Null_Pointer in June of this year, I have reworked the theme of that website to reflect the latest cover design.

If you are interested in mysteries or, if you are an IT geek, I think you will find a home there.  You can have your own home page within the site and contribute to the conversation about the book by participating in forums, blog posts and by adding pictures to the site.  I hope you will take the time to connect with other readers and develope a dialog with other members.  It’s free, it’s open and it’s frequented often by myself and some of my closest freinds and readers.