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After the tragic death of one of their own, the best Starstriker Special Forces team has to regroup. Commander Havic hand picks a replacement for his team and begins training her for their next mission deep behind enemy lines. The Eclipse, a powerful new Votainion warship, has entered service with deadly results. Commanded by Lord Krugger, the Emperor’s Chief Strategist, the Eclipse is about to lead an invasion of the border world of Tomungia. It’s up to the Starstrikers to retrieve data on the Eclipse’s revolutionary new space-time displacement drive so the Alliance can counter the threat. Commander Havic and his team must help save the border world of Tomuniga from enemy control and try to bring down the mighty Eclipse.


Kudos to Ken McConnell for creating a space saga that is both new and unique but also embraces the themes we’ve grown to love over the years in movies, books, and television.  Starstrikers is indeed out of this world!” – Shanon Yarbrough LL Book Review

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Starstrikers by Ken McConnell – TEXT.

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