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Model Builds


I have this unusual hobby that involves scratch building what are known as Studio Scale models of the starships featured in my Star Saga novels. Studio Scale refers to the size that a model was built for a particular Sci-Fi movie. Usually they are big enough for lights and explosives. Most of these models are 1/32 scale or 1/350 for the larger ones.

I’ve been building models of my own design since I was a kid. Back then they were made from poster board. Now days I use plastic, wood and metal. If you’re a modeler or are just a fan of cool looking starships, please feel free to browse. Many of these models are featured on my book covers. The lines in bold below are models yet to be built.

Some of these are now featured on ArtStation.

Starforgers Era

SS Weippe – Federation corvette. 1/350

SS Kootenai – Federation corvette. 1/350

SS Truxtun– Federation Destroyer (Pre-War) 1/350

SS Ranger – Exploration Starship (Pre-War) 1/350

SS Bourke – Exploration Starship (Pre-War) 1/350

Ostrov Warship – (Pre-War). 1/350

Sultran Warship – (Pre-War). 1/350

SS Constantine – Main Alliance starship class (Wartime). 1/350

Black Star – Pirate ship from the Corvette series. 1/350

Scrambler – Stellar Ranger patrol fighter. 1/32

Vickers Victory – Primary Alliance starfighter. 1/32

Vickers Swift – Primary Alliance planetary defense fighter. 1/32

Turgan Trogen – Alliance starfighter. 1/32

Votainion warship – Main battleship. 1/350

KiV-3 – Primary Votainion starfighter. 1/32

KIV-3 (large)- Primary Votainion starfighter. 1/18

Dual KiV-3 – A two seat variant of the KIV-3. 1/32

KiV-5 – Featured in the Devon’s Blade novella. 1/32

KiV-7 – Transitional design. 1/32

KiV-9 – Final KiV starfighter. 1/32

Starstrikers Era

GCU Sokol – Main battleship. 1/350

GCU Griffin – Alliance Scanner ship. 1/350

GCU Sherman – Alliance Cruiser. Featured in the K’nat Trap novella. 1/350

Renoke – Small freighter. 1/32

Shrike – Starstrikers Special Forces starship. 1/32

Spieron – Single Seat Alliance starfighter. 1/32

Tache – Single Seat Alliance Starfighter. 1/32

VCF Krestar – Votainion warship. 1/350

VCF Eclipse – Votainion Nex-Gen warship. 1/4100

Terrox – Single Seat Votainion Starfighter. 1/32

Triak – Single Seat VotainionSstarfighter. 1/32

K’nat – Single Seat Votainion Starfighter. Featured in the K’nat Trap novella. 1/32

Starveyors Era

GA Sokol – Main battleship. 1/350