Space Opera

Get hooked on a new Space Opera series with all the action and adventure you crave. From kick-ass female heroes to thoughtful androids and amazing military combat, this series has you covered.

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Scratch Built Models

Watch me build the next cover model for the Star Saga novels using the same techniques that Hollywood employed before CGI took over. Incredibly detailed studio scale models made by hand.

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Using Plume Creator

I write all my fiction on Ubuntu Linux and I use a fabulous Open Source writer's program called Plume Creator. It's like an easier version of Scrivener, but with it's own unique features.

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More Cover Sketches

The past few weeks I’ve been working in Gimp, an open source Photoshop program to produce some sketches or thumbnails of the new look for the Star Saga novels. I’ll be releasing the first three books later this year and in order to better convey my wishes for how they look, I basically created these […]

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The first book of the Star Saga, STARFORGERS, is now perma-free on Kindle and Kobo. So far it’s averaging about 20 downloads a day and has made it to the first page of the Sci-Fi/Space Fleet category on Kindle. 
The above image is the latest mock-up of the new cover for the book. This is how […]

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Cover Thumbnail Reveal

This year I’m releasing all three books of the Star Saga Starforgers Trilogy with new covers. The first book in the series currently has a coin on the cover with the marble representative of the oldest building material. This cover was too cerebral for the average genre reader. You couldn’t really tell that it was […]

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FREE Short Story – Stand Down

This week’s free Kindle short story The Stand – is about some well meaning college kids protesting for the rights of sentient androids and their dangerous encounter with the Silicant known as Eighty-eight. It will be free for one week only and then it’s back to the wallet busting price of only a buck. If […]

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Trogen Starfighter Build, Part 1

The last Alliance starfighter I will build from the Starforgers Era of the Star Saga is the Turgan Trogen. This is one of my oldest drawn starfighters. It was first realized by my good friend Ed Halbig in 1978. Back then, we called it a Trojan fighter. I later changed the name after learning what […]

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VICKERS SWIFT STARFIGHTER BUILD, PART 3The model is just about ready for paint. A canopy was framed in with stock styrene strips.

 External details refined. Lots of panels and doodads.  

 Here’s a color test using Gimp.  

Painting begins with light gray on bottom and wing tips. 

Dark gray was applied to the top sides. Cotton balls protect the cockpit.

This […]

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All that remained to do on this model was paint and then weather it. The paint was chosen for the planet where it was first stationed, Kew, a mostly water world where both Alliance and Empire starfighters were painted shades of gray to blend in with clouds and ocean. 

 I went with an old P-40 style […]

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March Kindle Madness

This month, in honor of the US College Basketball playoffs, I’ve scheduled four short story give away’s on Kindle. Each week will feature a different story set in the Star Saga universe.
Up first is Slag, an origin story for the mysterious Silicant, Eighty-eight.
“An android wakes up on a barren world and finds that it now […]

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The Stellar Ranger’s Scrambler

When I started writing the Space Western short stories about Devon Ardel and her Stellar Rangers, I had them flying a primitive starfighter called a Gull Scrambler. It later got changed to just Scrambler. When I described the Scrambler I mentioned the gull wings and pretty much had in mind 1950’s jet fighters for details. […]

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