Space Opera

Get hooked on a new Space Opera series with all the action and adventure you crave. From kick-ass female heroes to thoughtful androids and amazing military combat, this series has you covered.

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Scratch Built Models

Watch me build the next cover model for the Star Saga novels using the same techniques that Hollywood employed before CGI took over. Incredibly detailed studio scale models made by hand.

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Using Plume Creator

I write all my fiction on Ubuntu Linux and I use a fabulous Open Source writer's program called Plume Creator. It's like an easier version of Scrivener, but with it's own unique features.

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Planning A Saga

This year I’m focusing primarily on getting four books to market that will fill out the first trilogy of my Star Saga series of Space Opera novels. But I’m also planning out the next four novels in the series, including a anthology of stories featuring a key character in the next trilogy. The Star Saga […]

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Building the Renoke, Part 1

One of the oldest cardboard models my friends and I built when we began making SF movies in Super-8 as kids, was the Renoke. It was a Millennium Falcon type freighter piloted by a man on the run from the authorities for smuggling. Sounds familiar enough. We built the original model from poster board and […]

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Free Starforgers Epub Download

Every once and a while I have to remind folks that the first book in the Star Saga is always free here on the site in epub format. 

Starforgers Epub
If you like the story, please return to Kobo, Kindle or Nook to get more Star Saga books. 
PS Don’t look too hard, you might find everything I’ve […]

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Star Saga Community

I’m launching a Google+ Community today for my Star Saga universe. If you like my SF novels and want to keep abreast of what I’m working on, both model wise and writing wise, you’ll want to join this community. I’ll be posting all my model pictures there before I do regular pages on this blog. […]

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My Dell XPS 13 at Year 3

I’ve owned my Dell XPS 13 laptop for three years now and I thought I’d review how it’s holding up. Especially since there is a new version on the market now and it’s considered a better, more polished version of the original.

The business side of the machine for me is the keyboard. So far the […]

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