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Space Opera

Get hooked on a new Space Opera series with all the action and adventure you crave.

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Scratch Built Models

Watch me build the next cover model for the Star Saga novels using the same techniques that Hollywood employed before CGI took over.

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Using Plume Creator

I write all my fiction on Ubuntu Linux and I use a fabulous Open Source writer's program called Plume Creator.

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Weekend Play

Friday night we went to the Bronco game at Albertson’s Stadium here in Boise, Idaho. It’s always fun watching the Broncos at home. They defeated Fresno State and earned back the Milk Can.

This weekend I worked on the starfighter model and decided to build a Victory Fighter version with downward sloped wings. Turns out that [...]

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Cover Concept Reveal

I’ve been thinking a lot about the covers of my novels after attending IndieReCon this past weekend. All of my SF book covers will be getting severe face lifts in an effort to make them more attractive to readers. This week I’ve been brain storming on a cover for a book I have yet to [...]

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My New Writing Workflow

I’ve been changing my writing workflow this week. What follows is how I draft, edit and build my Indie novel ebooks. I’m admittedly an extreme corner case here, but I think no matter which OS you use, these tools are available. You may have to tailor some programs to your specific OS (Operating System).
I start [...]

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Jutoh, Ebook Creation Program

This weekend I attended the first IndieReConLive in Sandy, Utah and had a great time. If you live in the West and are an Indie writer, do attend this one. One of the sessions I attended was on epub creation and the presenter, Cheri Lasota, showed off a program that I had never heard of [...]

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Future Writing Plans

I’m at the 60% mark of the first draft of Book 3, Counterattack, the final book in the Starforgers trilogy of the Star Saga series. I have one more book to write in this series – Devon’s Blade. Then I’m done. Five books total in this trilogy plus three other books set in the series. [...]

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Of Mounts and Models

Sometimes you have to work out the details of a model for a long time before you get things the way you like them. I started looking for ways to build an internal armature for my next set of starfighter models. The model will be about 1/35 scale and so similar in size to the [...]

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