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Empress Nykostra wasn’t like the previous rulers of the Votainion Empire. While still a youth she beheaded her Soothsayer and drank his blood. The blood of the Kwizera-lonn changed her. It made her clairvoyant and it hastened her descent into a wrenching madness.

Nykostra’s rise to power began with the meeting of her secret lover in a contest to find her a mate. Betrayed by a new Kwizera-lonn who has foreseen the destruction of the Empire by her hand, she soon strikes back at those who would prevent her from finishing her war.

Leaving the homeworld of her people, she ventures to an alien planet that was waiting for a savior. Little did the Benzotii know their savior was the leader of their enemy. She was known as The Blood Empress and her struggle to lead the Empire against the human Alliance became legendary.

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