Null_Pointer Reviewed

The LL Book Review has been very kind to my books.  Shannon Yarbrough gave a pretty generous review of Starstrikers which was directly responsible for the highest monthly sales in the book’s history.  Now Shannon has reviewed my second novel, Null_Pointer.  I’ll let his words stand for themselves, please follow the link and read the review for yourself.

It’s gratifying to be recognized by others for your hard work.  Thanks again Shannon for shinning your spotlight on my little books.

Release Party Success

I’d like the thank all those who came out to hear me read and talk about my new book, Null_Pointer last night.  We had close to twenty folks packed in to the little nook in the back of Rediscovered Bookshop.  Many thanks to Bruce and Laura the owners, for allowing me to have my release party in their beautiful store!

Ken McConnell and his helper - Spencer

Here I am talking to the audience with assistance of my youngest son, Spencer.  He got to put the “Signed By Author” stickers on everyone’s book for me.  He also had a ringside seat for my talk.

Null_Pointer Cover Cake

The cake was from Pastry Perfection in Boise and it was consumed happily by those in attendance along with punch. Note to the guys in my test lab – there will be some left over cake on Monday.  Provided I don’t pig out over the next two days.

Just a reminder to everyone, you can purchase the book at all the major online retail vendors and it can be ordered from any bookstore.  Please buy locally to support your independent book sellers!  If money is tight, you can also read it free online or download it in PDF from

Ebooks Ready

Just an update to let you know that both of my novels, Starstrikers and Null_Pointer are now available in just about any ebook format.  Starstrikers is only .99 cents and Null_Pointer is just $1.99 at both the Kindle Store and Smashwords.  At some point in the next few months, both books will also be available on Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Sony’s Ebook Store.

Starstrikers (Sci-Fi) – Amazon, Smashwords

Null_Pointer (Mystery) – Amazon, Smashwords

StarstrikersCoverLatestSmall NP_FINAL_COVER_MED

Chapter 0, Edited

I pulled in the WAV formatted Chapter 0 of Null_Pointer to Garage Band and played around with cutting out my flubs. I missed one, but it would involve recording again to fix it. Anyway, the audio is not as crisp toward the end as it is at the beginning. I think for my next recording session, I will record to MP3 instead of WAV and then edit it first, before doing the audio clean-up for background noise.

This is all trial and error for me at this point, as I have not read up on how to do this whole podcast thing. I hope to record again at some point this week and this time do a chapter that includes characters and dialogue so I can play around with different voices.

There is a slight upward lilt in my voice towards the end of Chapter 0 as I falter from a straight forward reading into something resembling emotion. I can justify that by the content of the first chapter, but need to gauge how I sound with a regular story chapter.

Overall, I’m having fun doing this audio book thing. More fun than I expected. After I get my technical ducks in a row, I think it will go smoother and be more fun. Again, when you see the link at the end of this post, you will know I have uploaded the audio. I may Zip it for space purposed on my server.

Edited Null_Pointer_Chapter_0.mp3

Chapter 0, Raw and Uncut

I recorded Chapter 0 of Null_Pointer last night.  Overall, I felt it went pretty good.  The audio was clear and the reading was not so bad as to put anyone asleep.  At least I hope not.  I ran the recorded wav file through a filter in Audacity to take out the background noise.

If I can get it up to my server today, I will have a link to the raw audio in mp3 format.  It takes a while to get used to hearing your own voice and I will admit that I can’t be a good judge of whether the reading was horrible or not.  Whether I was reading too fast or too slow or without any feeling.  That will have to be determined by others.

I’m a little worried about the gain, it seems much softer in mp3 than it did in wav.  There is much to learn in this audio experiment.

Chapter 0

Monday Recording Day

This afternoon, when I get home from the day job, I will start recording the Null_Pointer pod cast.  I may only make it through Chapter 0, but at least it will be a start.  I’m feeling the pressure to get the book out there so people can enjoy it while exercising or commuting.  I may include a short bit of talking after the episode where I tell about the writing of the story or what inspired a specific scene.  Just to make things more interesting for those who may have read it or who may be thinking of writing their own novel someday.

I’m also thinking about intro music and such, so if you have any freely available music ideas, please let me know.  I will be using some electronic music with a touch of Nerdcore.  Might toss in some modem connection noise and possibly some keyboard tapping.  All that fun audio stuff will come after I get the basic book read.

I still have no idea how to edit sound, but can’t let that stop me from recording.  I have the Zoom H2 microphone recommended by Seth Harwood and I can transfer the sound clips to my computer with ease, so there is no real need to edit yet.  As it turns out, the best place in my house to record, is in my walk-in closet.  How funny is that?