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Chapter 0, Raw and Uncut

I recorded Chapter 0 of Null_Pointer last night.  Overall, I felt it went pretty good.  The audio was clear and the reading was not so bad as to put anyone asleep.  At least I hope not.  I ran the recorded wav file through a filter in Audacity to take out the background noise.

If I can get it up to my server today, I will have a link to the raw audio in mp3 format.  It takes a while to get used to hearing your own voice and I will admit that I can’t be a good judge of whether the reading was horrible or not.  Whether I was reading too fast or too slow or without any feeling.  That will have to be determined by others.

I’m a little worried about the gain, it seems much softer in mp3 than it did in wav.  There is much to learn in this audio experiment.

Chapter 0

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