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Chapter 0, Edited

I pulled in the WAV formatted Chapter 0 of Null_Pointer to Garage Band and played around with cutting out my flubs. I missed one, but it would involve recording again to fix it. Anyway, the audio is not as crisp toward the end as it is at the beginning. I think for my next recording session, I will record to MP3 instead of WAV and then edit it first, before doing the audio clean-up for background noise.

This is all trial and error for me at this point, as I have not read up on how to do this whole podcast thing. I hope to record again at some point this week and this time do a chapter that includes characters and dialogue so I can play around with different voices.

There is a slight upward lilt in my voice towards the end of Chapter 0 as I falter from a straight forward reading into something resembling emotion. I can justify that by the content of the first chapter, but need to gauge how I sound with a regular story chapter.

Overall, I’m having fun doing this audio book thing. More fun than I expected. After I get my technical ducks in a row, I think it will go smoother and be more fun. Again, when you see the link at the end of this post, you will know I have uploaded the audio. I may Zip it for space purposed on my server.

Edited Null_Pointer_Chapter_0.mp3

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