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Buy Null_Pointer Today!

Buy it today and help raise the book onto a best-seller list. It doesn’t take much. The Kindle e-book is only $2.99!

If you enjoy a good Mystery and like computers or programming, you will love this book.

This is an impromptu Amazon rush, act now!

1 thought on “Buy Null_Pointer Today!”

  1. The results of my impromptu plea for buyers of Null_Pointer? None. On the bright side, I did sell 5 copies of Starstrikers. Okay, I get it, you don’t like Mysteries. Even ones with programmer heroes. Pity.

    You know, the failure of N_P to find an audience goes a long way to busting the myth that people in IT all like SF. Because I guarantee that if you like SF and you’re in IT, N_P is a perfect fit for you.

    Sorry fans of Null_Pointer, both of you, I still won’t be writing any more Joshua Jones books. But you can look forward to a Second Edition of Null_Pointer in the Spring.

    Now back to writing more SF.

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