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Building the SS Truxtun, Part 4

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(This model started out as the SS Sokol and has been recast as the Destroyer – SS Truxtun.)

I have kind of throttled back on the Sokol model in the last week or two. Every time I sit down I seem to just toy around with the details featured in this post. I did use modeling putty on parts of the head and the body. I used Squadron White Putty which is toxic, but man, good stuff and worth the price.

The first pic is of the head, showing the new instrument cluster on top of the bridge.

Head Engine Detail

This is looking astern from the bottom. Lots of model parts and medical parts.

Bottom of Engine Section

Top of the engine area. Piping details and bracing details will all look more interesting after they are painted the same color. Again, seeing raw parts on the model kind of spoils the final appreciation. But this is a warts and all look at scratch building a model.

Grid to Engines

The last phase will be to score panel lines and add extra plates of armor. Oh, and the gun ports along the sides of the main body. Can’t forget those. Then it’s on to painting.

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