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Building the SS Truxtun Part 3

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(This model started out as the SS Sokol and has been recast as the Destroyer – SS Truxtun.)

This week I’ve been finishing up the main structures with thin sheets of plastic. I’ve also been adding details the old fashioned way, by using old model pieces and by finding little interesting bits of plastic around the house. When I used to do this kind of detailing as a kid, I always had boxes of old model pieces to riffle through for parts. But these days, I don’t have that luxury. So I find myself using parts that I might not have ever used before. Computer plugs, tubes of all kinds and plastic container lids are some of the many items I’ve used on this model.

Bottom Details

These close ups show some of the more interesting parts that are incorporated into this model. I was almost not going to show these, as it kind of ruins the final product when you know where the parts came from. But part of this process of documenting the building includes showing all the warts.

Head Stern

The head now has a bridge and the communications array nestled in a plastic cover of an old pair of earphones. The bridge came out a bit larger than I had anticipated. I think when the windows get added, the scale will be more obvious.

The Head

Here is the entire model coming at you from the table top construction yard. The clear film container used for the separation engine for the head was one of the hardest to glue, I had to pull out the expensive super glue for that one. All the other parts are secured with Testers plastic model cement.

Coming at You

Below is a top view.

Top View

Here is the side view with the original sketch again for reference.

Drawing Comparison

The other side just for kicks.

Side View

My youngest is making a model similar to the KIV-3, out of cardboard. He insisted I document it to. ;-)

Spencer's model

Here’s a closer shot of the drawing I’m basing the Sokol model.

SS Bourke, Now SS Sokol

6 thoughts on “Building the SS Truxtun Part 3”

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  6. I’m sitting here reading and the word ‘vicarious’ pops into mind. I’m really enjoying these posts about your model building, as you know. I’m definitely NOT about to start building a model again…yet…so there’s a lot of vicarious pleasure to be gained following your progress and seeing the pictures.

    That’s great about your son following in your footsteps, too! And you, the filmmaker, are the perfect one to document his efforts.

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