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Building the SS Truxtun Part 2

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(This model started out as the SS Sokol and has been recast as the Destroyer – SS Truxtun.)

Rapid progress on the model this weekend necessitated that I do up a quick Part 2. Once you get going with the super structure of a model like this it comes to together pretty quickly. I used the main struts coming out of the body to anchor the engine and head of the ship. For the moment, you can slid each off and on with little effort. This makes for easy access to the middle area where I need to build up some details.


In this view, you can compare the shape to the drawing. I know, it’s reversed, but I didn’t think of that when I was snapping the pics. As I get more details constructed, I will do this shot again.


This is the view from starboard port. The head is taking shape and you can see the smaller bracing at an angle on the grid work that attached the head to the body. I’m using nothing but plastic or styrene from all the construction on this project. So far I’m not having any difficulty and it’s actually been quite fun.


This is port astern angle showing the two main engines. I used plastic parts from various extra medicine droppers we had in our junk drawer for the funnels.


The next step is to start building up the various structures like the bridge and the starfighter bay on the top of the main body.

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