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Building the SS Truxtun Part 5

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(This model started out as the SS Sokol and has been recast as the Destroyer – SS Truxtun.)

I have the month of July to finish up this model so I’ve been working quite heavily on it for the past two weeks. It needs to be finished so that we can photograph it for the back cover of Starforgers.

Every inch of the outside of this model has been touched by panels, bits of pipe and plastic parts. Two models were cannibalized for this one. An F-16 1/48th scale and a 1/35 scale Japanese tank, both of them were Tamiya kits. My kit bashing was not limited to model kits. I used bits of radio parts, containers, syringes, just about anything I could find around the house.

Tonight, I finally decided to spray it down in light aircraft gray and see where I stood with it. When everything is the same color, you can see how much it looks like an actual starship, instead of a bunch of plastic parts.

S.S. Sokol Model (Port)

Above is what the model looked like before I painted it all light gray.


She’s coming at you! All gray and ready for weathering.


I found some black poster board and put the model up against it for contrast.


This angle is about what we’ll use for the back cover. All that attention to detail reduced to a distance shot. The actual photo will be much more detailed and in focus. The final version will even have effects, like glowing engines and maybe some lit portholes.

All for now. I’ll be back with part six in a week or two to show off the finished product.

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