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Building the GCU Sokol Part 8

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Boxing Weekend

This weekend most of the model was boxed up. Boxing is the process of building up the many sections of the model and giving it shape. For this model, it’s a big task. This weekend I finished boxing the keel and the head. I also started adding details to the area of the main body right behind the head.

I’ve said it before, but I dislike boxing. When you work in plastic, it usually involves lots of cutting with a blade along a metal ruler. Not my favorite activity. I usually c-clamp down the ruler and score away until I can snap the piece off. If I do much more modeling in this fashion, I will be best served in purchasing a proper cutting device.

I did make some progress on ensuring the head does not spin around on the neck cylinder. I did this by making two exterior pipes that extend from the back of the head to the main body. This was not in my original 1980 drawing, but I like it.

I used the plastic lids from some plastic boxes that screws come in for the base plates on the front of the main body. Inside these areas I added various greeblies and some cut model trees for piping. This is my favorite part, adding details. The trick is to make it look as if the parts have a purpose and are not just stuck on random. For an example of good details see – any Star Wars model. For an example of bad, see Star Crash.

That’s enough fun for this weekend. Next up I’ll box out the upper main body and start scratch-building the hangar deck.

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