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Writing SF on Ubuntu

I’m not sure how many writers create Science Fiction on Linux, but I’ll wager that not to many of us do. Off hand, I only know of Cory Doctorow and myself. If you are a published SF author and create exclusively on Linux, leave a comment on this post.

I use Ubuntu on my HP Mini. My primary application for writing is Libre Office. Here is a screenshot taken from my latest Work In Progress (WIP) – Starforgers.

I do most of my writing early in the morning before work and while on lunch at work in one of the HP lobbies at the Boise site. I can’t get on the HP network with a personal laptop, so I write off line while on lunch break. The silence is golden as far as getting away from the internet.

I’ve been really happy with Ubuntu on the Mini. I never experience hangs or program crashes and everything just works. I don’t mess with the OS and it doesn’t mess with me.

I save my work into a Dropbox folder and when I go online, it gets synced up to the internet. This arrangement allows me to have a local copy and a cloud copy of my latest WIP. You don’t have to be a computer nerd to use Linux anymore and I really think more writers would be happy using it.

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