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Bruins over Bulldogs in a Friday Night Thriller

East Boise Baseball AAA – UCLA vs Fresno State – In a thrilling Friday night game, the Bruins jumped out to a 9-1 lead in the first two innings. But the scrappy Bulldogs clawed and bit their way back into the game on the arms of pitchers Murphy and Parker and the bats of nearly every player on the team. The Bruins scored all their runs in the first half of the game and most of them on base running. From the forth inning to the sixth, the Bruins bats were silent and they never scored another run.

Tight defense and powerful offense that included another inside the park home run by Parker and several towering hits by Jack and Lucas. In the end, the Bulldogs fell short in a 10-8 lose.

The three game balls used in last night’s game were rubbed up by the plate umpire and the bat boy for Fresno State. The Official Ball Mud of Major League Baseball was used. As demonstrated in this episode of Only In America, on the History Channel.


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