Blog Tweaks and Fine Tuning My Social Presence

Lately I’ve been applying some of the wisdom that I’ve absorbed from social media gurus to my blog and a few of the other platforms I use. You may notice some changes over the next few days/weeks or however long it takes me to get around to implementing them.

I try and read books and blogs by these established experts as part of my regular writer/publisher training. It keeps me current and hopefully helps more than hinders my internet presence. Right now I’m reading Platform by Michael Hyatt. I’ve been reading Michael’s blog for a few years now and this book takes some of his valuable experience running one of the bigger blogs on the internet and makes the information easy to access in a single book.

I’ve also read books by Guy Kawasaki – Enchantment, Chris Anderson – The Long Tale and Chris Brogen – Trust Agents. All of these books can help you focus your efforts online and understand the rapid change that is defining the internet these days.

If you are a writer, you should probably read these books and think about how you can apply their lessons to your writing life. You can start by following them all on Twitter and Google +.