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Blog Tweaks and Fine Tuning My Social Presence

Lately I’ve been applying some of the wisdom that I’ve absorbed from social media gurus to my blog and a few of the other platforms I use. You may notice some changes over the next few days/weeks or however long it takes me to get around to implementing them.

I try and read books and blogs by these established experts as part of my regular writer/publisher training. It keeps me current and hopefully helps more than hinders my internet presence. Right now I’m reading Platform by Michael Hyatt. I’ve been reading Michael’s blog for a few years now and this book takes some of his valuable experience running one of the bigger blogs on the internet and makes the information easy to access in a single book.

I’ve also read books by Guy Kawasaki – Enchantment, Chris Anderson – The Long Tale and Chris Brogen – Trust Agents. All of these books can help you focus your efforts online and understand the rapid change that is defining the internet these days.

If you are a writer, you should probably read these books and think about how you can apply their lessons to your writing life. You can start by following them all on Twitter and Google +.

2 thoughts on “Blog Tweaks and Fine Tuning My Social Presence”

  1. Fascinating. I suppose we all change over time to some extent. I used to be a film maker, now I work in IT and write fiction in my spare time. People who knew me ten years ago probably thought I’d be making movies the rest of my life. I know I sure did.

    Chris is very good at what he does now, so I guess we can be thankful he’s found his bliss. This sort of reminds me of the baseball player Ichiro Suzuki, who plays for the Seattle Mariners. People who have watched him in batting practice say he can hit homers all day long yet during games, he only gets base hits. But his position as lead off hitter in the line-up requires him to be on base. So that’s what he does. Maybe Chris realized that hitting homers was not where he was most likely to earn a paycheck and so he just gets on base now. Okay, I’m still way into baseball at the moment. Sorry.

  2. Not entirely related, but just a side note: I used to be in an online writing group with Chris Brogan (we’re talking about 7 years ago). He was a phenomenal fiction writer. When I saw that he’d “made it” in his current non-fiction endeavors, I sent a message via his site asking if he still wrote fiction. I got a snarky response from someone and the answer was a definitive “no”. It was such a let down.

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