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Release Day for DESTROYER: Declo Demons

You can now purchase the latest eBook in the Starship Series featuring Captain Vance and his crew from the Corvette Trilogy. DESTROYER: Declo Demons is only $2.99 on just about every eBook platform available.

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Captain Vance and his crew have been in the remote Ostrov system for years looking for the fugitive, Trin Lestor. Now they’ve come to Declo, a planet with frozen mountain top villages and humid jungle valleys to look for Spinnaker, Lestor’s First Mate. To find him, they must charter a riverboat that’s captained by a cantankerous alien named Eccers and travel downstream to the Land Of No Return. Declo is a harsh world, and it will leave a lasting toll on Vance and his crew, provided they make it out alive.

This novella has been a long time coming. It is the first book of the middle trilogy. Vance and his crew are in the very remote Ostrov system, looking for Trin Lestor and her pirates. Expect high adventure, and the unexpected for this series. Vance and his crew will be tested hard during this search. Dark days are ahead. I hope you weather the storms with me and complete this middle trilogy.

Once again, thank you for your continued support!

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