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2020 Now A Meme

When you’re just halfway through the year and so much bad has happened, I guess it’s inevitable that the year itself has become a meme. A shortcut for all the calamity and suffering that has happened of late. All I can do is sympathize with those who have been hit hardest and try to carry on in hopes of better times ahead. Which is what I’ve been doing not just this year, but for many years now.

I’ve been working on edits for a couple of my novels and writing the Explorer trilogy. In relation to the later, I have also built the Explorer starship model – SS Bourke. I will eventually get around to adding this model to the web site, but a teaser image of it below shows what it looks like after a coat of primer.

My other hobby of late is learning to play the electric guitar. My progress has been slowed by RSI injury to my fret fingers. Even with that pain, I’ve managed to play my first song – Act Naturally, by Buck Owens. I’m moving on now to learning CCR’s Bad Moon Rising, a song that could be the anthem for 2020.

Along with learning to play, I’ve also been messing around building a parts Stratocaster. That is now complete and can be seen below along with my first guitar, an HSS hard tail Strat. The new guitar plays great and I’m using it more than the other for now. My tinkering plans include eventually modding the heck out of the black instrument to learn as much as I can about pickups and caps.

Stay safe out there, the COVID-19 virus has not gone away. It will be with us until everyone is vaccinated. Probably next year. If you’re white, try to come to terms with your privilege and show some empathy for the other. Be respectful to others, both their property and their political, religious views. Getting along is how we get through this, not by feeding the divisions among us.

Above: my current guitars. Below, my current scratch built model.

1 thought on “2020 Now A Meme”

  1. A fellow "white" person.

    I just lost so much respect for you… Should have never looked at your twitter either. Great model building info and I thank you for that (truly inspiring) but you are on the wrong side of history.

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