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Ostrov Warship Build, Part 3

Because this starship was going to be white, I used gray primer on it. This was done with common, everyday car primer from a spray can. Nothing fancy. I use a drop cloth on my driveway and wear a mask when spraying. This is when a pile of glued together, miss-matched pieces of plastic, starts to look like a model of something real.

Below you see the model back on the work bench, ready to be weathered or aged.

Below, the top and front of the model have already been wet brushed with India Ink. It’s a slow process, but the results are often fantastic. Especially if you’re going for that used machinery look made so popular by Star Wars and ILM.

Here is the bottom of the model during one of the many passes of the black wash.

All the details of the back of the model really pop when they are high lighted by the black wash.

Here’s the finished model, after it was dry brushed with black pastels. Again, to me anyways, this is very influenced by Star Trek TOS, as well as Star Wars.

Below we see the Ostrov Warship on the C-stand, being photographed for the book covers. Another job well done.

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