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Sultran Warship Build – Part 1

Just as I’m crazy enough to write an entire trilogy at once, I’m building two book cover models at the same time. This one being the Sultran Warship from the Destroyer Trilogy. The Ostrov system is where our heroes are stranded, looking for the pirate ship Black Star and it’s captain – Trin Lestor. Ostrov is the largest populated planet in a system of seven planets.

I started with this old attempt at some kind of ship that I found in my parts bins. I started fitting various parts to it and before you know it, I had the makings of a ship that didn’t look anything like the usual designs of the Star Saga.

I had to match the panels on one side of the triangle body. Then I just started adding more greeblies to the back side.

The head was taken from a common meeting room microphone system. If you work in corporate America, you may even recognize it. The plan is to glue some engine nacelles onto the sides and then start adding smaller details and panel lines. I expect this will be a quick build and might even be finished before the Sultran warship seen in the background.

1 thought on “Sultran Warship Build – Part 1”

  1. Ken I have found some interesting greeblies for surface detail you could use on your ships. Tamiya German field kitchen scenery kit #36247 has some great details- doors , panels ,braces. I got mine for around ten dollars and change , which was a fairly reasonable price when you are using the kit for greeblies. You might check one out.

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