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WIP Update And 2015 Goals

Moving right along with the first draft of the Devon’s Blade novella. I have maybe a handful of chapters left to write. This is the first intentional novella I’ve written and the first piece I’ve used Google Docs for. So far the process is running pretty smoothly, although I don’t see any real advantage to using GDocs over Plume Creator, so will likely go back to Plume for next book.

I mainly tried GDocs so that some of my Beta Readers could follow along with it, but I don’t believe many of them are keeping up with me or leaving much comments after the first couple of chapters. So there is no demand for that kind of thing for the immediate future.

Which is okay by me. First Drafts are fugly and confusing to follow, even for me. I expect to finish this up by the end of January and then get back to doing revisions on Counterattack and The Blood Empress. I have no plans to create new material in 2015. However, I have lots of plans to publish new material this year.

The biggest tasking I have for the year is getting the first five books of the Star Saga re-branded and launched as both ebooks and paperbacks. This is a huge undertaking and going to take the whole year to accomplish, but after I’m done, I can focus my writing attention on creating more new content.

I will be focusing on releasing these five books and then marketing them for perhaps the first time ever. By year’s end I should be seeing some steady income from them, or at least that’s the goal. Once I have marketing plans underway and tweaked, then I can afford to create new novels.

Here then are my 2015 goals.


1. Finish Devon’s Blade Draft One

2. Second Draft Edit for Counterattack

3. Second Draft Edit for Devon’s Blade

4. Final Edit of The Rising

5. Final Edit of The Blood Empress

6. Final Edit of Counterattack

7. Final Edit of Devon’s Blade


0. Redo the series graphics using just the coins and the tween novellas

1. New cover for Starforgers battle and fonts

2. Complete cover for The Blood Empress

3. Complete Swift fighter for Devon’s Blade cover

4. New cover for The Rising – fonts

5. Complete cover for Devon’s Blade

6. Complete cover for Counterattack

Publishing Ebooks

1. Release new cover for Starforgers epub ensure it’s free everywhere

2. Release The Rising epub, pdf

3. Release The Blood Empress epub, pdf

4. Release Counterattack epub, pdf

5. Release Devon’s Blade epub, pdf

Publishing Paperbacks

1. Re-release Starforgers with new cover art

2. Release The Rising

3. Release Counterattack

That’s pretty substantial list for one year. I’ll be blogging about my progress, for sure. So what’s on tap for your writing in 2015?


2 thoughts on “WIP Update And 2015 Goals”

  1. Sometimes we do things that we know are more educational for others than beneficial for ourselves. I can now use that novel as a teaching aide and I already have with several writers. So it was not a completely wasted effort. Glad you got something out o

  2. I admit, I’m one of the ones that fell behind in reading :/ (and never did have the hutzpah to comment). I for one appreciated the opportunity to see under the hood for how someone else works. Probably not the added value you were aiming for, but thank you! :)

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