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Holiday Post

The holiday break is a busy time for me, not so much with work or family but with regards to my writing hobby. This year I’m cruising through the first draft of a novella. This will be the last Star Saga book I write for a year or so. Next year I’m focusing on editing and marketing. If I write anything, it will probably be another mystery novel. But don’t hold your breath for that.

I have four books that need editing and releasing next year. I don’t even have a real plan of attack yet. So I need to get busy and start finishing them and getting them out. I might just work on them one after another and then release them all at once. Flood the markets with four awesome books at once to see if I can build momentum.

So if I don’t do anymore posts until next year, it’s because I’m busy writing.

Happy Holidays and I’ll see you in January.

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