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The Final Chapters of a Trilogy

This week and next I’m writing the final chapters of the first trilogy in the Star Saga. Book 3, Counterattack is almost draft one complete. The climax is written and now I’m wrapping up the story and tying up all the loose ends. The next trilogy in the saga takes place 500 years after this book, so this is the last chance I have to spend time with these characters. It’s not as bitter sweet as I thought it was going to be. I’m actually enjoying the process of ending the story.

I’ve stuck to my outline for the most part. But even in these final chapters pieces are falling into place that I did not foresee while writing the outline. This is the same kind of exploration that pantsers cherish when they just wing a story. Here though, I have already guided the story to its conclusion, but now I can explore what the implications are for each of the main characters. Sometimes this process is slower than cruising through Act One and Two. The novel will benefit from this and more contemplative edits in Draft Two.

After I finish this draft, I’m heading right into outlining and character design for Devon’s Blade, a novella set between Books 1 and 2. I expect that story to wrap in just a few months time and then I’ll come back to Counterattack to start work on the second draft. All of next year will be spent redrafting my last four novels. Between Beta Readers, editors and proofing, I hope to have all five books available by the end of 2015. Just in time for Star Wars 7. Space Opera will be hot again and hopefully I can get some readers looking for more.

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