Larry Brooks Coming to Boise

I’ve just signed up for my first Larry Brooks workshop. He’s finally coming to Boise, thanks to the Idaho Writer’s Guild.  Regular readers of this blog know that I absolutely recommend Larry’s books on story structure. I’ve found them to be the most valuable books on writing I own. Story Physics and Story Engineering are what I read before I write a novel and after I finish my first draft. I have tattered paperback versions of both books and I own the ebook versions. Can’t recommend them enough.

Anyway, if you’re a fiction writer and you live anywhere near my fair city, come. I’ll see you there for one intense and awesome day.

3 thoughts on “Larry Brooks Coming to Boise”

  1. When is he coming? The links appear to be broke for me, so I couldn’t follow them to see what they might offer in the way of timetable and info on the two books.

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