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Of Mounts and Models

Sometimes you have to work out the details of a model for a long time before you get things the way you like them. I started looking for ways to build an internal armature for my next set of starfighter models. The model will be about 1/35 scale and so similar in size to the 1/24 scale X-Wings used in Star Wars. I still don’t know exactly how they did the mounts for those damn models. I’ve never seen anyone spell out how they did it. But a common model convention is to use a 1/4 20 threaded mount just like what camera tripods use.

My first attempts involved using wood and bass wood and were kinds clunky. When I finally decided to do away with wood and just use aluminum and plastic the solution presented itself. Get a one inch solid aluminum bar, tap the required holes for 1/4 20 thread at both ends and anywhere along the center of gravity to allow the model to be mounted from any direction. Then attack plastic bulkheads to the aluminum with plastic angle brackets and tiny wood screws.  The aluminum bar would be about 10-12 inches long for support.

Here’s a drawing.


I believe this will create a sturdy mount system inside the model and let me build up the model in a similar fashion to an airplane or a boat. I have ordered an aluminum bar and I will test this out as soon as I can. I think attaching the plastic to the aluminum with screws will be better than trying to glue them in place. I also need to get a 1/4 20 tap set.

In the mean time, I need to buy a C-stand to hold it up during filming.  I can use a 1/4 20 screw rod to go from the model to the gobo head on the C-stand. This will get the model away from the mount enough to hide it easier when taking pictures in front of the blue screen.



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