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Swept Up Review

I don’t read too many Romance novels; they’re just not my thing. But sometimes a good story and great characters can suck me into just about any genre. Such was the case for Swept Up by Kayla Dawn Thomas. I picked up Ms Thomas’s book at the Seven Devils Lodge while on vacation this summer. Always one to give local Idaho writers a try, I was pleasantly surprised by this charming first novel. Come to find out later, Ms Thomas grew up on the same ranch where the lodge resides and much of that attention to small rural town details comes through in her novel.

Swept Up is the story of a street sweeper named Web and Kara, the woman he nearly runs over on their first meeting. At first I was a little dubious of a story about a street sweeper, but Web is an interesting and caring man who has a knack for rescuing women who are down on their luck. This story moves along at a decent clip, never letting you get bored and never taking the easy path to get to the eventual required happy ending. The prose is clean and to the point while keeping a distinct voice that’s a pleasure to read.

Kayla Dawn Thomas has a new novel out this week on Kindle called Narrow Miss. It looks like the new story is more of a Woman’s Fiction/Mystery, either way, you can’t go wrong with this talented new Idaho author.  You can find Kayla at her website: and follow her on Twitter:

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