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Inkshares Publishing Experiment

I have this book that I wrote last year, The Blood Empress, and so far I have not done anything with it. It’s a gap book taking place between Book 1 and Book 2 of my Star Saga series. Today I got a cold call email from Inkshares Publishing a new crowd funding start-up publisher. Their program works like Kickstarter in that you have 40 some days to raise the funds needed for them to print your novel. If you pre-sell enough copies of the book, they will have it edited and cover the design costs and then market the book much like a publisher would do. Meanwhile you keep all the rights and get 70% of the profits made after it launches.

Having no real plans for this book, I decided to go ahead and try them out to see what kind of an audience I can muster. My expectations are low, considering nobody knows who I am or what I write. But if this program funds and sales do okay, it could rise the tide and carry my other books along with it. If it does not fund, I get the book back and I go ahead and release it myself at a later date. Nothing lost.


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