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The Rising Ebook Cover

Below is the final version of the ebook cover for The Rising, Book 2 of the Star Saga. Kudos go out to my brother, Bryon McConnell for another fine composite and layout! The models used were scratch built by myself and photographed by Bryon, who then imported them into PS and added the visual effects.

One new thing we are trying is adding the book’s series number to the cover. This is to avoid confusion about reading order. Starforgers is Book 1 and you should start there with the series. Until we release this ebook to the general public, the only way you can read it is by joining my newsletter. So if you loved Starforgers and are ready to continue on, you know what you have to do. If you are just starting, you can pick up Starforgers for only a buck on Kindle, Nook and Kobo. There is no firm release date set for The Rising.  I suspect it will be later in the year, possibly in December.


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