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Votainion Warship Build, Part 4

Lots of activity on this model this weekend. I was loitering in my local hobby shop on Friday evening and I found this totally awesome model kit. The Italeri Truck Accessories – Set 2. For right around my $20.00 limit on kits, I got a gold mine in parts for my Votainion warship model. I went into the store intending to get the USS Arizona model for parts but this kit blows that and any tank model I’ve seen yet out of the water. I began using it that night for detailing the back of the warship’s main wings.

Bonus – CHROME! Actually, chromed parts are a pain in the butt to work with. You have to shave off the chrome to make the parts glue better.

The first thing I detailed from the truck accessories kit was the back area under the main stardrives. Perfect fit and shape for that thin little deck that holds up the drives.

Then I went to work on the back of the main wings. As is the norm, I build up one side at a time, careful to ensure I can replicate most of the details on both sides of the model.



In this case, some of the details are slightly different, but that adds interest to the model in my opinion.

Next I attached the probe pods to the end of the wings. This step really makes the model look menacing.

I added some smaller details to the top deck too.

It’s starting to look more like a warship and a very colorful one at that.

I went back to the wings and made the Votainion “V” symbol out of thinner sheet plastic.

I’ll have to come back to the side of the wing and add more armor plates and such.

For the front side of the wings I created a single, slightly smaller laser cannon. A special wrapper was made to ensure the gun fired straight.

Here is the gun pod mounted to the front of the wing. I’m still not finished with this area, but I like where it’s going.

That’s all for now.


2 thoughts on “Votainion Warship Build, Part 4”

  1. I like how this is coming along. It’s fun to watch even another modeller’s project develop from bare blocks to more and more identifiable as what it’s meant to be.

    That was a find, indeed! How many runners of parts did you get from that kit? Just the two or were there more under the papers?

    It’s a little funny, how on this ship the gun ports are so subtle, but the sensor array looks so much more menacing. I bet you people, unless they’ve been following this group of posts, are going to think the sensor array is the gun assembly.

    1. Just the two trees that you see, plus some crazy decals. Gun ports – yeah, hopefully I can make them look like guns with some paint and weathering techniques. I’m also not completely finished with the sensor arrays. They will end up looking more like antennas when I’m done.

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