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Progress Report on Counterattack

This week I’ve been cruising along on chapter 3 but have only written a few scenes. Some of these scenes are but skeletons that will be fleshed out in the second draft when I start to make connections to later scenes in the novel. My outline may only have a few sentences and I have to take that and turn it into a thousand words. Sometimes it comes easy, other times not. This week has been fairly easy. I did pass the ten thousand word boundary this week so, yeah, go me.

Just a writer’s only, inside baseball bit. If you can listen to podcasts do try and catch Writing Excuses and The Creative Penn podcasts. Lots of great advice and interesting interviews. My podcast player app died on me so I’m having to remember what I listened to in order to rebuild the list. Of course Self Publishing Podcast and the Round Table. Also Kobo’s Writing Life podcast is awesome. What else? Any suggestions for me?

Picture this week is the homestead at dusk.

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