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Cover Art Search

I somehow got behind the ball on choosing cover art for my novel, The Blood Empress. So now I’m searching through DeviantArt for a suitable piece of cover art. So far, I’ve found two beautiful paintings that could work, but the artists are not returning my messages, so I’ll have to change plans again and do something with my models. Maybe one of these two artists will catch this post and return my queries.

Here is the first one. I’ve added titles to both just to see how they would look. These are nothing more than sketches to see how they might look. I’ve taken liberties with some of the art and framed them as needed.


This is the first one by Ula Mos, an artist from Poland.


This piece was done by Kris Cooper an artist from the US.

If I can’t get in touch with either of these fine artists this month, I’ll have to use my own work. Not idea for this one. There’s not enough time to commission a piece before I’d like to go to press on this novel.

In the meantime, I’m working on a two seat KIV-3 for use on this novel’s cover should the above artists not reply. This weekend I constructed the wings and started mounting the fuselages to the center section. My new 1/4 20 mounting system arrived and now I’m using it to complete the build on. The mount is from PanaVise, model 883-T.

My backup cover art plan is to use this model and the smaller KIV-3 model along with some NASA images of Mars to portray a desert world featured in the novel. Not as awesome as original art featuring the main character, but we go with what we have.



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