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Weekend Update

This is what the cat did all weekend. He’s the smart one. The wife and I deep cleaned and then painted our kitchen. We started painting our open design living/kitchen about nine years ago. We stopped at the kitchen. For nearly ten years we’ve done nothing to the kitchen save for upgrading the stove to a nice gas range. Next weekend we’re having our cabinets altered to install a new microwave we purchased last year. We don’t do things very fast around here.

While the kids played all over the neighborhood and the pets snoozed, we slaved away cleaning through grease and dust and then painted. Not a very relaxing weekend. But it sure is rewarding. Next weekend the cabinets are fixed up and baseball assessments begin for my oldest. Soon we’ll be freezing our butts on metal bleachers watching him play baseball and scheming the next weekend upgrade project. Ah, spring in Idaho.


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