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The Rising Update

Many thanks to my Beta Readers who read The Rising last month and provided me with some outstanding feedback! I’ve completed the spot fixes from the Second Draft and now I’m preparing to start the third and final draft of the manuscript. At this point, I’m looking at the ebook release some time in May. I still need to finish up this third draft and then have it edited and copy edited.

My novella, The Blood Empress is now in the hands of Beta Readers so I should be getting comments back from them in the next few weeks. Then I get to start the whole, Second Draft routine again with that book. In the meantime, I’m not writing. With only a few hours a week to work on this writing career, things move slowly for me. I have outlined the 3rd book of the Starforgers Trilogy and so writing that will go faster as a result. Next up is to outline my next novella, which will probably get written before Book 3.

On the workbench:


Anyone care to guess if the KIV-3 model rocket above is capable of actually launching? I plan to find out this weekend. “Hit the deck, he’s launching!”


1 thought on “The Rising Update”

  1. I’m guessing it will fly. Especially with a rocket attached. The true question is, how gracefully will it fly? I can see it flying true, but man, with those wings I just don’t know. If they’re off just a bit, they have enough surface area to override the tail fins of the launch rocket.

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