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The Report

If you write and then sell your writing in the form of ebooks, you need to read this report. It’s not the final word on publishing but it is the first glimpse behind the curtain of what’s going on in ebook publishing on Kindle and soon, other platforms. Stay informed, weigh all your options. Do what you feel is right with the Force. Wait, what? Anyway, it’s a long report but worth the read. If you’re a numbers geek, download the spreadsheet that the report is culled from. Tinker with the numbers yourself. Make new charts. Ponder and pontificate on the results. Just don’t ignore it.

The Report

The report is the first from a new group headed by Hugh Howey, called Regardless of where you fall on the whole how to publish fence, this is one site that appears to be trying to clear the fog and let all writers make informed decisions.


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