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Draft One Complete – The Blood Empress

As of last night, I think I’m done with the First Draft of The Blood Empress. There are 44,270 words total which break down into four acts like this:

ACT ONE: 11,886

ACT TWO: 13,219

ACT THREE: 11,690

ACT FOUR: 7,002

My focus now shifts to working on the second draft of Starforgers Book 2, The Rising. I should have this draft finished and in the hands of my Beta Readers by the end of January. Then I’ll shift back to The Blood Empress and work on Draft Two for that book. Hopefully by March that one will be in the Beta Reader’s hands.

If the publishing process stays on track, both of these books should released in late Spring of next year. Somewhere in that time frame I’ll have knocked out the outlines for Starforgers Book 3, Counterattack and Into The Black. Writing will commence on those novels this summer and hopefully end this time next year.


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