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The Matte or Glossy Option

CreateSpace has recently began offering the matte finish for its paperback books. So I made the switch on all of my books and ordered a copy of each. Below is a photo essay featuring a few of them. Some notes and observations.

  1. The matte finish has a soft leathery feel like the backs of some modern electronics. Makes you want to touch it.
  2. The pdf files for all these books are identical. Nothing changed but the materiel of the actual cover.
  3. Matte finish seems to make lighter textures pop more and have more contrast.
  4. The colors are muted in the matte finish. If you rely on color to sell your cover on the shelf, stick to glossy.
  5. Something about a matte finish makes the same book feel more luxurious.





So what do you folks think? Should I leave them matte or switch them back to glossy?  There can only be one option or the other, not both.

2 thoughts on “The Matte or Glossy Option”

  1. I just ordered the matte for my upcoming release. At first I liked the look of the old glossy finish, but I love the hand feel of the matte, and after looking at them side by side, I like the matte better.

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