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The Road Ahead

Below is a list of novels and novellas that I’ll be writing for the next oh, say twenty years or so. Yeah, I’m that crazy. It’s important to plan ahead, but maybe I take that a bit too far. ;-) Books in bold are written or in progress. This list will probably change over time.

I will be pushing to finish the First Generation novels in the next two years. After that, I’ll probably take a rest from the Star Saga and do something else. Either the second Joshua Jones Mystery or perhaps a vampire novel. Eventually I’ll plow back into the Star Saga and stick with it until the Second Generation novels are complete.



1. Tales From Ocherva, Volume 1 – Anthology (Devon’s Ranger days and Silicants)
2. Starforgers, Book 1
3. Into the Black – novella (Devon’s starfighter squadron)
4. The Rising, Book 2
5. The Blood Empress – novella (Empress Nykostra’s story)
6. Counterattack, Book 3
Estimated Finished: 2015

7. Trader Tales, Volume 1 – Anthology (Short stories featuring Rouse and others.)
8. Starstrikers, Book 4
9. Runner Blues – novella (Rouse is recruited by the Starstrikers for a mission.)
10. XiniX, Book 5
11. ?
12. NexGen, Book 6
Estimated Time to Finish: 5 years

13. Tall Tales – Anthology (Short stories about or told by Ancestors.)
14. Starveyors – Book 7
15. Tyrmia – novel (What ever happened to the S.S. Bourke?)
16. Tripartite – Book 8
17. Voton – novel (Ancestors share a history lesson.)
18. Ancestors – Book 9
Estimated Time to Finish: 5 years
Other Universes/Genres

Betweos – Military SF
Nor Alien I – SF (ET in reverse – A human stranded on an alien word.)
Valone – Vampire novel (Based on a screenplay already written.)
Joshua Jones Mysteries

Null Pointer, Kill Dash Nine, Seg Fault, Return False, SIGKILL,  Batch Kill


3 thoughts on “The Road Ahead”

  1. Yeah, I have a list like that, too. Three universes with at least 9 books/novellas in each, plus the historical romances that won’t stop poking my brain. And every time I finish a plot outline (let alone the first draft), at least one secondary character jumps out and demands his or her own book. We can never die. We have far too many stories to write. :-)

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