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Weekend Review 20 Oct 2013


It was a good week for writing on the WIP – The Blood Empress. I wrote an even five thousand words last week and I hope to continue that trend until it’s finished. Below is a screenshot from Plume Creator. The whole book is outlined in Plume so all I have to do is focus on writing.



New Ubuntu

I upgraded my Dell Laptop to Ubuntu 13.10 this week. So far so good. But I noticed that it doesn’t like my external monitor anymore. I need to fiddle with that and see what’s wrong with it. The oldest was playing Minecraft on it and he seemed to be pleased.


My son’s football team played their last game together. It was a bowl game and they lost. But they had a great season and it was a fun four years for them. Their team party was that afternoon. It was a long, football day that ended with BSU and FSU victories so our house was happy.


Here’s Jack getting his plaque from head coach Mike Banks. It’s been a great four years of football with lots of memories. The dads are all sad. ;-)



The final Titans game. We played a team that had three former Boise State players for coaches. Yeah, tough to lose against BSU when you’re only 12. LOL!


My in-laws are visiting from Tennessee this week. Our first house guests since getting our new wood floors. I found it amusing that during the football games on TV, they were checking their cell phones.





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