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Inspirational Cover Art


Sometimes it helps to have a temporary cover that you can use to inspire you to write. I knocked this out real quick to test colors and a simplistic design. It looks cool enough to keep on hand for motivation. I usually create an image file for each of my novels and refer to pictures of actors or machines or planets and such to get inspiration. Lately I’ve been using Pinterest for that. I might have to include this in a Pinterest board. Oh what do you know, I just created one. ;-)



2 thoughts on “Inspirational Cover Art”

  1. That was just a thumbnail done in the Linux equivalent of MS Paint. Not something I’d recommend for a production cover. The font is from Dafont website and is free. It’s called Solitarium. Probably not going to use it for the final cover either. Just wanted something that suggested a space empire. The author’s font is from my Star Saga books and is called Bombardier.

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