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Plume Creator Dark Theme Preview

Those of you writers out there using the fantastic writing tool – Plume Creator are in for a treat in an upcoming release. Plume is getting themes and that means a dark version is in the works. I’ve been helping the developer, Cyril, work out a dark theme for the Linux version of Plume. Below is an early screenshot showing the unfinished theme.

So what do you think? Are we on the right track?

If you have any UI or design experience please leave a comment with your constructive criticism. We aim to please!

1 thought on “Plume Creator Dark Theme Preview”

  1. Ken, I love it. I think you are right on the proverbial money! I also think having a choice of themes is a wonderful idea. As a full time writer, I spend SO much of my life looking at my screen, so having something to make it a more enjoyable experience is the way to go.

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