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Weekend Update 29 Sep 2013


This weekend my son’t team played hard and hung with the team they played but were eventually overpowered by a well disciplined, larger team. Our kids played with great heart and courage. My Boise State Broncos played hard too and came away with a blowout win. It’s hard to say they are that much better, only that they were able to beat a team they were expected to. It was good to see the trickeration plays again on offense. My Chicago Bears played horribly and lost to the Lions. The other teams I follow in the NFL have done well and remain unbeaten – Seattle and Denver. Picture shows my son missing a tackle on a kid who went down the line to score.


On Friday during my lunch break at work, I completed the first draft of The Rising, Book 2 of the Star Saga. This weekend I exported it out of Plume Creator and into LibreOffice Write for draft two, which is usually the draft that my beta readers see. I’m giving my mind a week or two to forget the story and then coming back to it will full read through and rewriting where necessary. In the meantime, I’m hashing out the outline for the novella that will deal with the Votainion Empress that takes place in the same time frame as Book 2. I’m really stoked to write this one. But only if I can fit it in between the edits for The Rising and outlining Book 3, Counterattack. We’ll see how that all plays out. But if I can write two books in one year, that would be great. Picture shows the book in Standard Manuscript Format.


We’re prepping for the installation of new wood floors in the common areas of our home. It involves much planning, packing and moving of large heavy items. Very similar to actually moving. Last week we had a banister and post removed and this week they will drop off the wood to be used for the flooring. This weekend we’ll be painting the base boards white and then next week they will do the floors. We so can’t wait to get rid of this nasty, 20 year old carpet.

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