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Weekend Update (delayed) 15 Sep 2013

I was too busy with life and even writing on the WIP, to do my usual weekend post. So here it is a day late and a dollar short.


BSU beat Air Force. Good game. Not sure what happened to AF after the second half, but BSU finally found their stride and walked away with it.  As for my son’s team, we lost another kid to concussion. This time he had to be carried away in an ambulance.  Scary times for parents one and all. We forfeited the game after that. Two kids with concussions and one knee injury has left us not very competitive anymore.

Saturday we went to our friend’s house and watched the Oregon Ducks destroy Tennessee. Fun. The last game I watched was Sunday night’s romp in Seattle. What the heck happened to the 49ers?


Put a bunch more words on the WIP and did some house cleaning on the new novella. Beta tested another drop of Plume Creator and now we have Find and Replace going. Very cool. Spell check is getting closer too, can’t wait for that one.


No progress last week, this week we hope to have a pillar and banister removed before the floors are laid.


Re-watched Star Trek Into Darkness. Yeah. This is a textbook on how to screw up a plot. There are so many things wrong with this movie, you could learn more watching it than any good movie ever made. But just like eating candy, it tasted good going down. Want to see how to do a good Star Trek movie, I still point back to Wrath of Khan.


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