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Weekend Update 01 Sep 2013

This weekend we finalized the wood flooring we will be getting for the common areas in our home. A maple wood is our choice for its rich, modern look. Here’s a sample photo.


Next topic please.


Not much in the way of productivity this week, but lots of progress was made on the program that I use. See the last post for some of the new features in Plume Creator. I think the cork board may be dead on arrival. I can now see the novel in my tree with the addition of Acts and Badges.

You can show each act and then collapse that act and look at the next act. This breaks it down good enough to visualize where your plot points are.


I ordered a laptop stand/fan and a seven port USB dock for use on my writing desk. The Dell XPS has horrible over heating problems when its hooked up to an external monitor. I think this new setup will solve that problem and give me enough ports to have my wireless mouse and keyboard attached.

This is the Cooler Master Note U2, chosen for its simplicity and flexibility in fan placement.

This is the D-Link seven port hub chosen for its black color, small size and two power slots for phone and slate charging.

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