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Plume Creator New Features

The newest feature in the latest Plume Creator is the addition of Acts in the new Project tree. Below is a screenshot of my Project tree for The Rising. The “B” icon is a closed book and the Open Book icon is of course the open book. The other new feature is what we’re calling Badges for now. Badges are Story Structure notes that you can add to each scene. For instance, Chapter One, Scene One has a Badge called Hook. This is right where your story hook goes. Further on down the tree in Chapter 6 we see where the First Plot Point happens. The addition of these two features lets me do all my outlining in Plume Creator and I can say goodbye to my cork board. You can chose to turn Badges on or off in the tree with a right click menu.

Below is the renamed Outliner, now called the Workbench. You can add columns for the Badge and the Status. Status is a drop down menu that lets you pick up to three drafts, edits a proofread or finished. This is good for when your manuscript is moving through the phases of development. All my chapters and scenes are in the 1st draft stage at this point. The other columns, Notes, Synopsis and POV are self describing. I turn off Notes for this view as I’m not concerned about that until I go in and start writing.

More changes are coming…




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