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Weekend Update 4 Aug 2013


We were cleaning out the kid’s closet today and had enough shoes to make a fun picture of him. Those are his baseball cleats from age 5-12. We then took him to the sporting goods store to buy new football cleats and turn in these for consignment. Below is another view of them.


He finally outgrew his football pads so we had to rent some for his final season of Optimist Football. New mouth guard, pants, socks and cleats were also in order. This is why daddy has no money for expensive hobbies. His football team is absorbing some new players this year and it looks like they will be a pretty awesome senior team. Practices start next Monday with temps in the mid nineties. Better him than me.

Work In Progress Report

The word count for The Rising, Book 2 of the Star Saga passed 50K this week. That’s a major milestone in the writing of any novel. Things seem to be moving right along now as I head into the third of four acts. This novel is taking much longer than the last one and will be nearly twice as long. Don’t hold your breath for a release this fall, it’s looking more like early next year by the time I finish the first draft and have it edited and proofed.


I finished reading The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson this week. Loved it. Much better than the TV series, although I confess to loving both mediums. I also started reading Joanna Penn’s latest book on selling ebooks. I think if I’m ever going to finish this first draft, I’ll have to cut down on my limited reading time and convert it into writing time.


Watched the bloody first episode of Hell on Wheels and won’t be watching any more. Didn’t care for the characters, situations or the gore. Nobody seemed the least bit sympathetic to me in that show. I don’t have much time for movies or TV right now for the same reason my reading time is limited. MUST FINISH BOOK.

Hopefully next weekend update I’ll have reached the 60K word boundary. All for now.


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