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A New Store

I’ve decided to change my extremely un-lucrative web based product store from Cafe Press to Zazzle. Not in an effort to make money off my merchandising but instead to offer some new t-shirt designs. Sometimes you have to mix things up to find something that might work better for you.

All the store names that I tried were apparently taken  so I went into my film making past and used the name of the model shop we had at HMH Productions – Microcosim. This explains the strange name of my Zazzle store.

Anyway, you can now get some cool  new products should you feel the need.





Future products will include baseball hats and whatever anyone sends me a request for. I don’t make much profit from these things, in fact, the least amount that I can. I look at them more as advertising. I wear them to conventions and book signings.


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