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Starship Model Photo Essay

  I thought it would be fun to put all my Star Saga models in one post.


GCU Sokol coming at you, from the novel Starstrikers.

SS Sokol from the novel Starforgers.

An Alliance Skimmer model done in poster board from the novel Starstrikers.*

Gull winged Vickers A-12 from the novel Starforgers. Made from cardboard.*

KIV-5 Votainion starfighter. Made from cardboard. From the Starforgers novel.

Votainion Reemer fighter from the novel Starstrikers. Made from poster board.*

Renoke, featured in the short story The Renoke. Made from poster board.*

Votainion Interceptor, from the novel Starstrikers. Made from plastic.

*Photo’s courtesy of Bill Blohm

2 thoughts on “Starship Model Photo Essay”

  1. Great models! As a kid I used to build Airfix planes and had a good collection. Foolish teenager I was, I gave them all away to friends and people I knew. Regretted it since then. That was in 1979. Now I want rekindle my passion for this unique hobby.

    1. I built a few Airfix models in my day. These are all original designs most of them made from posterboard and a few of them from plastic. The first two and the last are plastic. All the others were built in the 70’s from cardboard.

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