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Proofing Starveyors

The final printed proof of the Starveyors paperback is in my possession and I’m going over it all one last time. So far I’ve found two cover issues and a bunch of interior issues, primarily related to formatting. We’ll get these things cleaned up this week and hopefully have it for sale in early July.


The folded pages here indicate problems we need to fix on the interior pdf.


This is the final back cover now with the bar code box. I’m very happy with how the artwork turned out. My brother Byron used many angles of the models I built to create this scene from the novel. He got all kinds of detailed by including starfighters in the bay of the closest starship. Click to embiggen the pics.


2 thoughts on “Proofing Starveyors”

  1. I outsourced it to my brother, who’s a Graphics Artist in Arizona. He uses what the pros use, Adobe InDesign. That’s about all I know about it. We use CreateSpace as our printer.

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